Our rooms

We provide comfortable and safe accommodation in a quiet part of Prague not far from the centre.

Our offer of rooms includes single rooms up to five-bed rooms.

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The rooms are located in the A and B parts of the building.

Both parts have been completely reconstructed and provide comfortable accommodation.

The hostel´s capacity is 76 beds. The modern rooms are equipped with practical furniture

Choose from the following accommodation options:

Part A

Both parts have been completely renovated

3 single rooms
5 twin rooms
2 three-bed rooms
3 four-bed rooms
1 five-bed room
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Part B

We offer our guests upgraded accommodation

2 twin rooms
4 three-bed rooms
5 four-bed rooms
1 five-bed room
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Our range of accommodation services includes:

The main advantages of our Good Hostel are its quiet location, good transport links, friendly staff and reasonable prices.

How can you find us on the Internet? Just type: I want to stay in a hostel in Prague.

Complete the booking form. If you have any questions, contact us by phone or e-mail.

You can buy the comfortable rooms at affordable prices only at the Good hostel!